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Bush Bag Professional Photo Bean Bag

Spigot – Umbrella Holder Type D (FLH-04)

Micnova MQ-WC4 Wireless Shutter Remote

Hot Shoe to Light Stand Adapter (CN-B05)

R 50.00

75W Modeling Bulb (Push Long)

R 70.00

Clamp – Paper with Spigot

R 80.00

75W Modeling Bulb (Push Short)

R 100.00

75W Modeling Bulb (Screw Type)

R 100.00

100W Modeling Bulb (Push Short)

R 100.00

Bulb – Modeling 75W (Screw Type)

R 100.00

Clamp – Screw Type with Spigot

R 100.00

Screw Clamp for Reflector

R 110.00

Battery Case – with Sony Mount for LED lights – 6 AA

R 120.00

45W Bulb – Fluorescent Daylight (5500K)

R 140.00

100W Modeling Bulb

R 150.00

Bulb – Red Head 800W

R 150.00

Spirit Level – Tripple Axis Bubble

R 150.00

Wired remote control For Nikon CR-TR1N

R 150.00

Wired remote control For Nikon CR-TR3N

R 150.00

Wired remote control For Canon CR-TR3C

R 150.00

Wired remote control For Canon CR-1C

R 150.00

Camera Quick Strap Single

R 180.00

JJC 2-in-1 Grey Card 20x25cm

R 190.00

Hot Shoe – Monitor Holder

R 200.00

Bulb – Fluorescent Daylight (5500k) 65W

R 220.00

Bulb – Modeling 200W

R 240.00

JJC Grey Card 3-in-1 Digital GC-1II – 254 x 202mm

R 279.00

Reflector Holder – Fits on Lightstand with clamp

R 280.00

Ball Head

R 280.00

Canon 24-105mm Lens REPLICA Coffee Cup (says Caniam on the mug)

R 295.00

Elinchrom 23002 Modelling Lamp Leuci 196v 100w E27

R 295.00

Camera Belt Holster

R 300.00

Godox FG-40 Hot Shoe Flash Bracket Grip Handle for Speedlite Flash

R 300.00

NP Battery Charger – Single

R 320.00

8″ Cold Shoe Adaptor

R 350.00

Micnova MQ-WC3 Wireless Shutter Remote

R 380.00

Micnova MQ-WC2 Wireless Shutter Remote

R 380.00

Micnova MQ-WC1 Wireless Shutter Remote

R 380.00

Super Clamp – Single

R 400.00

Snoot – Bowens Fittting

R 400.00

Bulb – Fluorescent Daylight (5500k) 85W

R 420.00

Sony Mount – NP-F550 Battery

R 420.00

Double Shoulder Camera Strap

R 450.00

12″ Cold Shoe Extension hot shoe adapter

R 450.00

Godox Carry Bag for Light Stand 105cm (CB-03)

R 450.00

Timer Remote Canon CR-TR1C

R 500.00

Timer Remote Canon CR-TR3C

R 500.00

Carry Bag – 76x23x23cm (with Pocket)

R 525.00

Lastolite LS2601 Strobo Direct to Flashgun Bracket

R 545.00

Magic Arm 28cm

R 580.00

NP-F to V-mount Battery Converter Adapter Plate

R 580.00

Studio Carry Bag 75*25*25cm

R 600.00

Bulb – Fluorescent Daylight (5500K) 105W

R 630.00

Sony Mount – NP-F750 Battery

R 630.00

Magic Arm with Clamp – 18cm

R 630.00

Triopo LE-26 Lithium-ion Battery (2000mAh)

R 630.00

Heavy Duty Ball Head

R 650.00

Sennheiser HD 2.10 Slim Lightweight Headphones

R 650.00

Godox C29 AC Charger and Cable for AD200

R 700.00

Super Clamp – Double

R 750.00

JM-85 Snap-on reflector Holder

R 790.00

Charger – Sony NP-F Series Dual

R 800.00

Flash Tube – 500W (Type B)

R 850.00

Yongnuo MC-36R C1 Wireless Timer Remote Controller

R 850.00

Yongnuo MC-36R N3 Wireless Timer Remote Controller

R 850.00

Sony Mount – NP-F960 Battery

R 950.00

Charger – V-Lock (D Tap)

R 1,000.00

Wireless Trigger Set – RF603

R 1,000.00

Godox FT-AD200J Spare Bare Bulb for AD200

R 1,000.00

Micnova Mobile Photography Kit

R 1,100.00

Sevenoak Pro Viewfinder 3.0X

R 1,150.00

Digital Dual Charger LS-PC201 for Sony Mount NPF batteries

R 1,250.00

Godox WB-29 Spare Lithium Battery for Godox AD200

R 1,300.00

Rode VIDEOMIC GO – Lightweight Mic

R 1,695.00 R 1,495.00

Protective Waterproof Hard Case -IP67 – I3323

R 1,500.00

SK-VF Pro 1 Viewfinder 3.2″

R 1,895.00

Studio Wheel Bag 80*30*30

R 1,895.00

Athena 81 Backpack Camera Bag

R 1,995.00

Delta II Series

R 2,100.00

Godox Witstro – AC Power Adaptor

R 2,200.00

Wireless TTL Transceiver 622 (For Canon)

R 2,400.00

Hylow Heavy-Duty Wall-Mounted Telescopic Boom Arm

R 2,400.00

Rode VIDEOMIC – On-camera Mic with Rycote suspension

R 2,695.00

Athena 100 Backpack Trolley Camera Bag

R 2,950.00

Godox Witstro WB87 Spare battery

R 3,795.00 R 2,999.00

Nest Athena 100 Backpack Trolley Camera Bag

R 3,100.00

Godox PB960 Flash Power Pack (INCL CABLE)

R 4,575.00 R 3,450.00

Protective Waterproof Hard Case IP67 – I5844

R 3,800.00

Flash Meter – Polaris

R 4,000.00

Battery – V Lock Li-ion 10400Ah

R 4,000.00

Lilliput FS7 7″ 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI Input Monitor

R 4,300.00

Polaris Karat

R 5,000.00

Menik 130Wh Li-ion Lithium Battery V-Lock

R 5,500.00

Rode NTG2 Multi-Powered Shotgun Microphone

R 5,895.00

Sekonic L-308X Flashmate Digital Exposure Meter

R 6,395.00

Sekonic L-478DR LiteMaster Pro Digital Exposure Meter

R 10,395.00

Rode NTG3 RF-Bias Shotgun Microphone

R 15,295.00