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Battery Case – with Sony Mount for LED lights – 6 AA

R 120.00

NP Battery Charger – Single

R 320.00

Sony Mount – NP-F550 Battery

R 420.00

NP-F to V-mount Battery Converter Adapter Plate

R 580.00

Sony Mount – NP-F750 Battery

R 630.00

Triopo LE-26 Lithium-ion Battery (2000mAh)

R 630.00

Godox C29 AC Charger and Cable for AD200

R 700.00

Charger – Sony NP-F Series Dual

R 800.00

Sony Mount – NP-F960 Battery

R 950.00

Godox VB-18 Li-ion Battery for Godox Ving 850 & 860 Flashes

R 970.00

Charger – V-Lock (D Tap)

R 1,000.00

Godox WB-29 Spare Lithium Battery for Godox AD200

R 1,435.00

Digital Dual Charger LS-PC201 for Sony Mount NPF batteries

R 1,450.00

Sony Type NP-F970 / 10500mAh Li-ion Battery with USB-C input/output

R 1,450.00

Godox Witstro – AC Power Adaptor

R 2,200.00

Godox Witstro WB87 Spare battery

R 2,999.00

Godox PB960 Flash Power Pack (INCL CABLE)

R 3,450.00

Battery – V Lock Li-ion 10400Ah

R 4,000.00

Menik 130Wh Li-ion Lithium Battery V-Lock

R 5,500.00