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Godox RC-R9 2.4GHz Remote Control for LC500R & SZ150R

R 605.00

Godox LEDM150 Mobile LED Video Light with Smartphone Bracket

R 1,250.00

Godox Ultra-Thin LED Video Light LEDP120C

R 1,395.00

Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light

R 1,600.00

Godox Light Tent with LED Lights – 40cm

R 1,850.00

Godox Light Tent with LED Lights – 60cm

R 2,199.00

Godox LED Light LEDP260C – Bi-Colour LED

R 2,399.00

Godox Light Tent with LED Lights – 80cm

R 2,699.00

Godox SL-60W LED Light – 60W

R 2,999.00

Godox LED500W LED Video Light

R 3,999.00

Godox SL100Bi – SL Series Bi-Colour LED Video Light

R 4,365.00

Single Godox SL-60W LED Softbox Light Kit

R 4,650.00

Godox LC500R RGB Battery-Operated LED Light Stick with remote

R 4,995.00

Godox TL60 RGB Tube Light One-Light Kit

R 4,995.00

Godox ML60 60w LED Constant Light

R 5,995.00

Godox UL60 Silent LED Light

R 6,355.00

Phottix Nuada R4 LED Light | 70w

R 6,400.00

Godox SL150II 150w LED Constant Light

R 7,995.00

Godox VL150 LED Video Light

R 8,500.00

Double Godox SL-60W LED Softbox Light Kit

R 8,995.00

Godox SL200II LED Video Light

R 9,195.00

Godox LED500C Light Kit

R 9,895.00

Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light

R 9,995.00

Godox VL200 200w LED Constant Light

R 11,999.00

Double Godox SL-60W LED Softbox kit with Green Screen

R 12,595.00

Godox SZ150R RGB Bi-Color Zoomable LED Light

R 14,999.00