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Screw Clamp for Reflector

R 110.00

Portable Mini Photo Studio Light Stand

R 189.00

Light Stand – 20cm Steel c/w Wheels

R 200.00

Light Stand 20cm with Wheels

R 200.00

Background Support – Manual Single Axle

R 350.00

Light Stand 2.2m

R 450.00

Reflector Holder – Centre Mount

R 600.00

Manual Support Single Axle

R 600.00

Light Stand 2.6m Spring Cushion

R 695.00

Light Stand – Dual Reflector Holder

R 750.00

Light Stand – 2.6m Aluminium Air Cushion Stand

R 780.00

JM-85 Snap-on reflector Holder

R 790.00

Dolly Wheel Set

R 950.00

Manual Support Triple Axle – Plastic Chains

R 1,200.00

Reflector Holder Kit – Centre Mount

R 1,300.00

Multifunctional Boom Stand

R 1,500.00

Boom Arm Kit Heavy Duty

R 1,800.00

Heavy Duty Boom Stand with Counterweight and Wheels

R 1,850.00

Background Stand Kit (2.8 x 3m)

R 2,200.00 R 1,995.00

Manual Support Triple Axle – Steel Chains

R 2,250.00

Hylow Heavy-Duty Wall-Mounted Telescopic Boom Arm

R 2,400.00

Background Stand 390x450cm w/bag

R 2,500.00

C Stands – Stainless Steel

R 3,250.00