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Bracket – LED / Flash Single15cm

R 120.00

Battery Case – with Sony Mount for LED lights – 6 AA

R 120.00

Bulb – Red Head 800W

R 140.00

Umbrella Light Holder – Single

R 180.00

Umbrella Light Holder – Double

R 270.00

Elinchrom 23002 Modelling Lamp Leuci 196v 100w E27

R 295.00

Bulb – Halogen Lamp 1000W

R 310.00

Bulb Holder – 4 Lamp (Max70W)

R 480.00

Mircopro 10″ Bi-Colour LED Ring Light Kit with Stand

R 750.00

Tolifo PT-15 Bi-Colour LED Light

R 895.00

Godox LEDM150 Mobile LED Video Light with Smartphone Bracket

R 1,250.00

Godox Ultra-Thin LED Video Light LEDP120C

R 1,395.00

Red Head Light – 800W Adjustable

R 1,500.00

Tolifo PT-30 Pro Bi-Colour LED Light

R 1,600.00

Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light

R 1,600.00

2 Head Fluorescent Umbrella Kit – 300W

R 1,795.00

Mircopro 18″ Bi-Colour LED Ring Light with Stand

R 1,895.00

160W LED Lighting Kit

R 1,995.00

LED Red Head Light with Dimmer

R 2,000.00

18″ Mircopro LED Bi-Colour Ring Light with Stand – Vlogger or Make-up Artist Kit

R 2,250.00

2pcs Spiral 1x 85watt Lights

R 2,295.00

Godox LED Light LEDP260C – Bi-Colour LED

R 2,399.00

Godox R1 RGB Round Mini Creative LED Light

R 2,465.00

320W LED Umbrella Dual Head Light Kit

R 2,595.00

Lippman LED-600A Light Panel (Without Batteries)

R 2,795.00

2 Head Fluorescent Softbox Kit – 360W

R 2,950.00

30w LED Enthusiast Kit

R 2,995.00

2 x 105W Fluorescent Light Kit with Reflective Umbrellas

R 2,995.00

Godox SL-60W LED Light – 60W

R 2,999.00

Newell Air Artha Bi-Colour LED Light 35W

R 3,095.00

Tornado 60w LED Light

R 3,695.00

2pcs Pop up spiral 4x30watt lights with stands 60×90

R 3,900.00

2 Head Fluorescent Kit – 1200W

R 3,995.00

Tornado 60w LED Light Kit A

R 3,995.00

Godox LED500W LED Video Light

R 3,999.00

LED Red Head Lighting Kit B with Dimmers

R 4,100.00

Product Photography LED Kit

R 4,300.00

Tornado 60w LED Soft Box Kit A

R 4,395.00

Godox LC500R RGB Battery-Operated LED Light Stick

R 4,395.00

2pcs Spiral 4x 55watt Lights

R 4,600.00

Single Godox SL-60W LED Softbox Light Kit

R 4,650.00

2pcs Pop up spiral 4x55watt lights with stands 60×90

R 4,700.00

Godox TL60 RGB Tube Light One-Light Kit

R 4,995.00

Quartz Light kit – 2 Head 1000W

R 5,000.00

Red Head Kit – 3 Light 800W

R 5,195.00

2pcs Pop up spiral 4x85watt lights with stands 60×90

R 5,300.00

LED Enthusiast Lighting & Backdrop kit – Chromakey Green

R 5,500.00

3 Head Fluorescent Kit – 935W

R 5,500.00

2 Head Fluorescent Studio Kit with Backdrop

R 5,500.00

Lippmann LED 900 Panel

R 5,795.00

Godox ML60 60w LED Constant Light

R 5,995.00

GVM 560AS Bi-Colour LED 2-Panel Kit

R 5,999.00

Lippmann LED-600A Lighting Kit of 2

R 6,100.00

Godox SL-150W LED Light Bowens Mount

R 6,495.00

LED Red Head Lighting Kit with Dimmers

R 6,995.00

Fresnel 2000w

R 6,995.00

GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio 2-Video Light Kit

R 7,150.00

Mircopro EX-200LED 200W (Head Only)

R 7,195.00

Single Mircopro EX-200LED 200W Kit

R 7,595.00

Fresnel 650w Kit B

R 7,900.00

Godox SL150II 150w LED Constant Light

R 7,995.00

Godox VL150 LED Video Light

R 8,500.00

Tornado 60w LED Soft Box Kit B

R 8,695.00

Double Godox SL-60W LED Softbox Light Kit

R 8,995.00

Lippmann LED-600A Lighting Kit of 3

R 8,995.00

Godox SL200II LED Video Light

R 9,195.00

Fresnel 1000w Kit B

R 9,500.00

TOLIFO GK-S60B Pro Professional 2 Head Studio LED Photo Video Light Kit

R 9,995.00

Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light

R 9,995.00

Godox VL200 200w LED Constant Light

R 11,999.00

Godox 500 LED kit

R 12,265.00

Double Godox SL-60W LED Softbox kit with Green Screen

R 12,595.00

Double Mircopro EX-200LED 200W Kit

R 14,995.00

Godox SZ150R RGB Bi-Color Zoomable LED Light

R 14,999.00